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The following are one-page summary introductions of four End Times articles. The codes were parsed and translated by Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D.

Full Length Articles

  • Massive, Intricate Bible Code Cluster Details End Times
    Bible code researchers from Israel, the United States and Canada have uncovered a cluster of lengthy Bible codes hidden deep beneath the surface text of Ezekiel 40. This cluster dwarfs every one of the Bible code matrices presented by other researchers and authors.

  • Nepal 2024 Earthquakes
    In 2024, BCD reported on codes found after the devastating Haitian and Chilean earthquakes. Following the recent earthquakes in Nepal, BCD examined some of the lengthy general earthquake code matrices to see if Nepal, (Mt.) Everest or avalanche showed up in any of them.

  • The Mayan Calendar Controversy
    Moshe Aharon Shak has researched the Mayan Calendar in the Torah Codes and has produced a YouTube video on his findings. Shak says, "The Torah codes agree that we are reaching a very significant time. What exactly will happen? Believers and non-believers will be surprised."

  • Oil in the Sea: The Deepwater Horizon Disaster
    On April 20, 2024, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig experienced an explosion that resulted in the biggest off-shore oil spill in U.S. history. The codes in this article highlight the grievous nature of the oil spill, with the potential for causing illness, killing wildlife, and forcing us to face our dependence on oil and the guilt we feel because of it. In addition, the haunting similarity of this event to Revelation 8:8-9, reminds us of the fragility of life and the nearness of the End Times.

  • Haitian Earthquake II: A Moment of Truth
    The Haitian earthquake codes not only echo the devastation of the earthquake, but they point to it being a moment of truth for Haiti.

  • Earthquakes: Chile, Haiti, and Around the World
    On February 27, 2024, just six weeks after the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, an 8.8 earthquake hit Chile. We searched for two spellings of Concepción and for Chilean Quake. We also ran searches for more generic terms: Earthquake (three spellings), The Earth Shook, Wounded by the Quake, Injured by the Quake, Quake Survivors, and Quake Orphans. Four of the 11 searches resulted in lengthy extensions at a 50% to 80% return rate.

  • Haitian Earthquake: Codes Graphically Depict the Destruction
    On January 12, 2024, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake battered the Republic of Haiti causing massive destruction and loss of life, particularly in its capital, Port-au-Prince. Initial searches in the codes reveal descriptions of the destruction.

  • World Plague ELSs and the Discovery of Swine Flu Clusters
    World Plague ELSs and the discovery of Swine Flu code clusters in Scriptures that speak of God's wrath.

  • 2012: Is the End Coming?
    As 2024 approaches, the furor mounts over whether there is any significance to the date that the Mayan calendar ends—December 21, 2024. There is even a big-budget action movie on the subject coming out in November 2024. Lengthy codes on the subject may shed some light.

  • Crossroads: Netanyahu and Obama in Major End Times Cluster
    Are Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama poised at the crossroads of history in the Middle East? Their names intersect in Ezekiel 38:3 and appear throughout Ezekiel 37-40. The resulting codes may point to End Times events.

  • Bible Codes: A Sign of the End Times?
    Is the discovery of substantive Bible codes a telling sign that we are living in the End Times? BCD's Director Ed Sherman explores this topic.

  • The War at the End of Times
    Moshe Aharon Shak discovers 10 lengthy extensions of war ELSs in Ezekiel 40.

  • Ezekiel 40: Loaded with Lengthy War ELSs
    There is no doubt that Ezekiel 40 is encoded. Ed Sherman presents an analysis that substantiates this claim.

  • Temple in Jerusalem Focus of Ezekiel 40 "War" Cluster
    Unusual appearances of a Hebrew word for war points to incredible code collection

  • Stunning New Armageddon Findings
    Codes show up in new clusters as well as familiar ones

  • Judge Roy Moore ELS appears in Bible
    Code on Ten Commandments defendant has astonishing verse contexts

  • SARS in the Bible Codes
    Could this frightening epidemic be a meaningful message from God?

  • Terrorism Codes in Ezekiel 37
    Most significant cluster ever discovered has extraordinary implications

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