Nepal 2024 Earthquakes

On April 25, 2024, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal killing 8,999 people and injuring 19,009. The earthquake also triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest killing at least 19 people. Entire villages were destroyed leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless. Because the earthquake occurred in the middle of the day, few people died compared to the massive damage done to homes and buildings. A second earthquake hit on May 12, 2024, with a magnitude of 7.3, killing approximately 125 people.1

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This is the worst natural disaster in Nepal since the 1934, 8.0 magnitude, Nepal-Bihar earthquake. In that quake, the number of deaths ranged from 10,700 to 12,000 with 7,253 recorded in Bihar.2

In 2024, BCD reported on codes found after the devastating Haitian and Chilean earthquakes. Following the recent earthquakes in Nepal, BCD examined some of the lengthy general earthquake code matrices to see if Nepal, (Mt.) Everest or avalanche showed up in any of them. In the matrices containing the following 11 codes, Nepal did show up in them, however, Everest and avalanche did not appear in any of the matrices.

The codes in this article were parsed and translated by Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D.

Earthquake (B)

Earthquake (B.8)

The earth will shake for us,
as well as for his children and himself.

This curious code sounds like someone, possibly God or Satan, is saying that the earth will do as it is told and shake for us and for his children and himself. It is not clear who is speaking or who is being referred to.

Earthquake (B.9)

The earthquake is loud
as the fondness of my death to the impoverished.
The time of its dirt is for you.
Where is the burden?

The first part of this 34-letter code is quite direct, The earthquake is loud. The latter part of the code, The time of its dirt is for you. Where is the burden? may be describing the tremendous physical effort needed to dig through the rubble and debris following the quake.

Earthquake (C)

Earthquake (C.6)

The masons were slumbering
during the earthquake.

The masons were slumbering may refer to ancient architecture or shoddy workmanship in buildings that often lead to their collapse during an earthquake. "Geophysicists and other experts had warned for decades that Nepal was vulnerable to a deadly earthquake, particularly because of its geology, urbanization, and architecture."3

Earthquake (C.7)

He will hit the rubble
and the smell of fire of the earthquake.

In the Earthquake (C.7) matrix, the first letter of the code Nepal appears just four columns away from this code. It is the closest in proximity of all the codes in this article. This code is descriptive of someone living through an earthquake in a collapsed building while smelling a fire breaking out. Fires are a frequent result of earthquakes, and can cause widespread damage to buildings and loss of life.

The Earth Shook

The Earth Shook (1)

Strike where he lusted for the earth that shook.
You should like the oak.

This code may refer to the widespread devastation of the quake, or it may refer to Satan lusting for the possession of the earth.

The Earth Shook (3)

Will it be for evil that the people will express
beautiful youth from the earth that shook?

Some believe that natural disasters are God's judgment being meted out. This code may refer to someone expressing that attitude. We discussed such attitudes in, The Great Tsunami of 2024: Act of Nature or Wrath of God? Some felt that the tsunami was a judgment on Indonesia for its sex trade and child slavery.

The Earth Shook (10)

I will testify that the earth shook,
he annihilated them as the impoverished moaned,
and he collected for himself.

This dark code may be a first-person description of the earthquake, though who "I" and "he" are is not made clear. The person describing the aftermath of the quake may be describing someone killing and looting after the quake.

Quake Survivors

Quake Survivors (1)

The lad is mine,
and the home of quake survivors
is the container.

The lad is mine may describe parents searching for their missing children. The home of quake survivors is the container might refer to the makeshift living conditions quake survivors endure.

Quake Survivors (5)

Rejoice in our daughter.
I am left with remnants of quake survivors.

might refer to a specific person, or to a country as a whole. I am left with remnants of quake survivors may describe a person who has come to help the quake survivors.

Quake Survivors (6)

For we will indeed exert pressure on them, the quake survivors.
The destination is perhaps the offspring.

This code may refer to children being orphaned by the earthquake, and the subsequent need for homes and families for them. In BCD's article, Earthquakes: Chile, Haiti, and Around the World, we wrote,
This code may refer to the attempts to remove orphaned children from Haiti by possible child traffickers. In addition, there are concerns that even legitimate groups may have removed children from Haiti before all efforts were made to find their families.
This may or may not apply to the orphans of Nepal.

Quake Survivors (9)

The quake survivors were slightly burned.

As Earthquake (C.7) talked about being burnt or smelling fire, this code also describes being burned following an earthquake.


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