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What Changed the Mind of the Man Behind

"Curb Your Dogma, Please" The dramatic metamorphosis of a Bible Code skeptic to Bible Code supporter is not only the frank and honest confession of a scientist who admits he has been wrong, but a challenge to the scientific community to prove that his new viewpoint is ill-founded.

Learn More About How Bible Codes are Evaluated

Description of Technical Appendices Here is a description that you can download of the technical appendices in our new book, Breakthrough: Encountering the Reality of the Bible Codes. If math interests you, you will find this absorbing.

Find Out About the Standards We Use to Test Bible Codes

Excerpt from the Significance Standards Applied to Each Bible Code Evaluation Here is a brief example of the tough mathematical standards we use to test each announced Bible Code. This is also riveting reading for anyone interested in mathematics.

Learn How Bible Codes are Discovered

An Excerpt from the Article, Is There Anything to the Bible Codes? If you are new to the Bible Codes, you will find this excerpt from a recent article very informative. The phenomenon and how new discoveries of Bible Codes are made and validated are described in laymanís terms. But watch out! You might get hooked.

Prove Us Wrong . . . If You Can!

An Excerpt from a Technical Appendix from Bible Code Digest Sink your teeth into this excerpt from one of our technical appendices. We challenge you to check these findings against your own mathematics and to let us know if we are mistaken. If you prove one of our findings wrong, we will happily publish yours in an upcoming issue of the Digest.

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