New Expanded Edition of Bible Code Bombshell Published by New Leaf Press

We are pleased to announce the publication of a newly expanded edition of R. Edwin Sherman's Bible Code Bombshell by New Leaf Press, Inc.

New Leaf Press, Inc., was founded in 1975 and is known for publishing award-winning inspirational books and cutting-edge books dealing with cultural issues, and Sherman is delighted to have Bombshell picked up by this highly regarded publisher.

Bombshell examines two massive, recently discovered clusters of codes in the Hebrew Old Testament. One cluster consists of dozens of lengthy codes about the terrorist attacks and the Iraq war. The other cluster is full of long, controversial codes about Christ found in Isaiah 53, a passage often cited as an Old Testament prophecy of the crucifixion.

With the opportunity of republishing the book, Sherman decided to expand the original text to include:

  • A chapter on 300 Jesus codes, presented in 14 different topical groupings
  • An appendix on "Do Codes Only Express Viewpoints?"
  • Six characteristics that divine codes should exhibit
  • Biographical information on Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., the Hebrew scholar who translated the codes presented in the book

Along with these additions to the text is a stunning new book cover created by Left Coast Design of Portland, Oregon.

The new edition of Bible Code Bombshell (New Leaf Press, $13.99) is available through traditional and online booksellers as well as at the online store.

The back cover of the new edition reads:

    Explosive evidence that Bible codes point to the life of Christ!

    When Ed Sherman, a mathematician with 30 years of experience, and Nathan Jacobi, an Israeli physicist, set out to debunk claims that there were mysterious codes in the Hebrew Old Testament, they could not have envisioned the startling conclusions they would reach. As Dr. Jacobi, an agnostic Jew, looked for lengthy Hebrew codes about Christ, repeatedly he discovered compelling excerpts from the life of the man from Nazareth.

    Time and again Dr. Jacobi found that one- or two-word codes were actually part of much longer encoded sentences that echoed the Gospel accounts. Moreover, these encoded sentences were extensively embedded in two passages most widely regarded as prophecies of the crucifixion of Christ (Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22).

    Bible Code Bombshell sets forth startling new evidence that code sequences in Scripture are irrefutable evidence of a Divine hand. In this highly readable book, Sherman offers both skeptics and believers a gold mine of information that will prompt much thinking about the origins of the Bible.

    • Unlike other Bible code books, this unique book features codes that are phrases and sentences, and not just one- or two-word codes.
    • The only code book by researchers that are internationally recognized mathematicians and statistical experts
    • Responds directly and accurately to Bible code critics

Enjoy finding your own Bible codes.
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Bombshell examines two massive, recently discovered clusters of codes in the Hebrew Old Testament. To read more about Bombshell,
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