Massive, Intricate Bible Code Cluster
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Bible code researchers from Israel, the United States and Canada have uncovered a cluster of 23 lengthy Bible codes hidden deep beneath the surface text of Ezekiel 40. That Biblical text details the dimensions and features of the Third Temple that many Israelis want to construct on the Temple Mount where the Muslim Dome of the Rock now dominates. Many End Times "experts" believe that efforts to build this temple could ignite World War III (Armageddon).

This cluster, discovered by Bible Code Digest researchers dwarfs every one of the Bible Code matrices presented by other researchers and authors. It includes 6 codes that are 40 or more letters long, 11 that are 30 or more letters long and 20 that are 20 or more letters long. In addition, there are 10 instances where two of these lengthy codes intersect exactly, sharing a common letter, and another 20 instances where two or more of these lengthy codes are only one letter apart. At the core of this massive cluster is a 40 letter long code about Iran that has the very small skip of only nine letters.

Rather than these codes randomly appearing in Ezekiel 40, they are lumped together into seven tight bundles, separated by sizeable absences of letters from any long codes. These lumps appear in an oscillating pattern of increasing numbers of long codes found in each successive lump.

We have labeled the clumps of codes according to the following labeling scheme:

B3 — The third clump of codes prior to the focal code.
B2 — The second clump of codes prior to the focal code.
B1 — The first clump of codes prior to the focal code.
F2 — The second clump of codes touching down within the range of the focal code.
F1 — The first clump of codes touching down within the range of the focal code.
A1 — The first clump of codes after the focal code.
A2 — The second clump of codes after the focal code.

These seven clumps of codes consist of a successively growing number of lengthy codes as follows: 4, 6, 10, 16, 22, 8 and 7. The gap between these clumps (in terms of the number of rows in the matrix which do not contain major codes is as follows: 4, 5, 6, 6, 9 and 11.

These unusual non-random patterns attest to the reality of embedded codes within this cluster.

Ezekiel 40 Cluster (lengthy codes only)

Below is the entire Ezekiel 40 matrix stretching from Ezekiel 39:15 to 41:14.

The location of each letter is shown as the last four digits of the letter number within the entire Hebrew Bible (Tanakh). The following table provides the short name of each lengthy code, together with a translation of each extended code, its skip and the number of letters in that code.

The following table documents instances where two lengthy codes either directly intersect with one another or come within one letter of exactly intersecting with one another. Although we have not yet found a way to estimate the probability that so many exact or near intersections of lengthy codes could occur by chance, we would not expect to find anywhere near the number of such instances as are documented in the following table.

Why Ezekiel 40?

Our researchers were drawn to Ezekiel 40 after noticing that the five letter Hebrew word for "war" (heh-mem-chet-lamed-mem) appears 19 times in that chapter. By chance it would only be expected to appear six times. To test how unusual 19 appearances might be, we scrambled the order of the five letters of the Hebrew word for "war" and looked for the scrambled "word" as a code. All of the scrambled "words" appeared as a code in Ezekiel 40 between two and 10 times. And yet the real word for "war" appeared 19 times!

Four past BCD articles have been written on the features of this massive cluster of Bible codes.

This article, and a subsequent one, will highlight some of the astonishing specifics of this cluster.

Bible Code Research—Two Very Different Approaches

Most Bible Code researchers search for single word ELSs and believe that these are statistically significant if their skips are small and they are "close" to other ELSs with short skips and are similar in topic.

Prior to this article, BCD researchers have taken a different tack. They pick up where other code researchers leave off. They examine each ELS occurrence to see if the original single word ELS is part of a longer ELS. Perhaps it is part of a multiple phrase ELS or a multiple sentence ELS. Our researchers are more impressed with very lengthy ELS extensions. They have tended to not give much attention to exactly how close these ELS extensions may be to one another.

In this article and some to follow, BCD will be taking an approach that incorporates both aspects of the probability of chance occurrence. We will be looking graphically at how close different lengthy ELSs are to one another. In Ezekiel 40 there are a number of instances where two lengthy extended ELSs share a common letter or are only one letter apart from one another.

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