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Since 1999, BCD has published 99 digests covering a wide variety of topics. In this, our 100th issue, we are taking a sweeping look back at the Top 20 topics. Broadly, these topics fall under categories such as religion, natural disasters, terrorism, politics, the economy, and climate change.

In previous articles, we have proposed that codes present various and sometimes clashing points of view. In this article, we will list the codes based on their topic, which in some cases is the same as or similar to the point of view (POV) that we would attribute to them.

All of the codes in this article were parsed and translated by Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., unless otherwise noted.


1. Judaism

Given that the history of Bible code research dates back to the 12th century, when rabbis discovered meaningful words at equidistant skips in the Torah, one would expect that the codes would be filled with codes from a Jewish perspective. Here is a sample of some of those codes:
  • Jehovah is my God. The perpetuity of Israel is the messiah's passion.

  • Know who the Chosen People are or God will be angry.

  • Hussein is a vapor. Like a guarded lamb, God is keeping Jews and Levites whole. And the cell inside your dwelling will become a torture chamber.

  • Make secret of the anger of the living. Terminate anti-Semitism.

These and other Jewish POV codes can be found in the Revisiting Viewpoints article.

2. Jesus/Christianity

A 40-letter-long code within Isaiah 52-53 provides tight, comprehensive linkage between that controversial Old Testament passage and the Gospel accounts of the Transfiguration of Christ. The code itself underwent a dramatic transfiguration when we examined a previously announced 22-letter-long code (found using Bible Codes 2000 software) for extensions using CodeFinder software. A single letter difference in the Hebrew texts between the last two letters of the 22-letter code caused the letter string after the original code to be entirely different, and much longer, in CodeFinder. The original 22-letter code was one that Bible Code Digest (BCD) has given significant prior coverage.
  • Gushing from above, Jesus is my mighty name, and the clouds rejoiced.

The extended code reads:
  • Gushing from above, Jesus is my mighty name, and my clouds rejoiced. Where? At the mountain, said Levi. Their light came. God is in it.

To read more about this code, see New 40-Letter Code Dramatically Links Isaiah 53 with Gospel Accounts of the Transfiguration of Christ.

BCD's research has uncovered extensive findings in the codes regarding Jesus and Christianity. In the codes, we find descriptions of Jesus' life, death, resurrection and divinity. In these three codes alone, we find the resurrection of Jesus, that He humbled Himself as a guilt offering, and that God the Father and God the Son are one.

  • He offended. The resurrection of Jesus. He is risen indeed.

  • The guilt offering, the Son of Man humbled Himself.

  • God is for them, and long live the exalted flame. God is Jesus.

To read about more codes on Jesus, visit our Jesus Codes page.

3. New Testament Apostles

Amidst our searches into the life of Jesus, we have also searched for the apostles. Here are two codes that refer to Peter and Matthew.
  • Have obedience to God, even if for a day only�Peter.

  • There God will raise everything to the lion, God's witness being Matthew.

Further reading on these and other codes can be found in the Update on the Incredible Isaiah 53 Cluster article.

4. Catholicism

The veneration of Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a basic tenet of Catholicism. The following are Mary codes:
  • And thirst for all of him is the faith of Mary the mother.

  • He will illuminate. And they will come along the way. The I AM is Jesus. The mother is sad.

These and other Catholic POV codes can be found in the Revisiting Viewpoints article.

5. Buddha/Buddhism

Perhaps most surprising was BCD's excursion into searching for Buddha and Buddhism in the codes, which resulted in extensive findings, including a 108-letter-long code, which is the fourth longest code found to date.

These results peaked the interest of our director Ed Sherman and prompted him to research whether there was any connection between the teachings of the Tanakh (Old Testament) and Buddha's teachings, and to write a book called Buddha and Jesus: Could Solomon Be the Missing Link? [Please note: This book is not about codes.]

Here is the 108-letter-long code:
  • I will predict that he will provide a basis, and the sect will be a shoulder to the echo of their nation. Will you, the speaker, be believed by them in the name of God? Shatter its root, Buddhist. Where from came he who implored me? From whom came the witness of the thundering and hot echo? Only the brother has felt the flow of the vat and the son of God, the mountain. I will command him to provide a hand to the sect as she blunders.

And here are some additional Buddha/Buddhism codes:
  • Buddha is proper and sealed. Indeed a candle.

  • Buddha converts me pleasantly, my basis is soft religion.

  • Descend Prince Buddha, and sit down with him.

  • Buddhism, the people are coming, the present is God, and who is my light? Death is a razor-like prince.

  • Siddhartha [Buddha] has declined Jesus' hand, and in them they identified a crisis.

These codes can be found in our Revisiting Viewpoints article, or visit our Buddha Codes page to find additional articles on Buddha and Buddhism.

Natural Disasters

6. Hurricanes: Katrina/Wilma

Moshe Aharon Shak researched Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma. Here is a sampling of those codes:
  • Hurricane�a heap of ruins!

  • Bush petitioned an evacuation.

  • When it was bad, the president hastened. Who would hit a heap of ruins? [Katrina of course . . . ] He did not want any wailing.

  • Seaward He planted for Himself Wilma like a volcano mouth.

For more Katrina codes, see Hurricane Katrina: Code Findings Echo Recent Headlines and the Content of the Literal Text, and for more Wilma codes, see Why a Wilma? What is in a name, and do ELS skip sizes have meaning?.

7. Earthquakes: Haiti/Chile

Due to the devastating earthquakes, BCD searched for terms relating to those two events. The findings were very descriptive of the destruction and loss of life.
  • My mound is an island, let Haiti be a pile of rubble for the mother, or let my tax be a mountain of tears.

  • Strike the acquaintance, an echo of a sharp watchmaker, straw of imprisonment of Haiti. The Lord has mixed up things for them. From the loosening provide a conspiracy similar to the malice in a father and his son-in-law. The island is intense, and the low-lying pile of destruction is a way of life.

    or the last sentence can read:

    The island is intense, and low-lying rubble is a way of life.

These and other Haiti codes are found in this article: Haitian Earthquake: Codes Graphically Depict the Destruction.
  • The masons were slumbering during the earthquake.

This code is found in the Earthquakes: Chile, Haiti, and Around the World article. For additional earthquake codes see Earthquakes: Around the World.

8. Tsunamis: 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

Moshe Aharon Shak wrote about the Great Tsunami of 2004. Here are just two of the codes he discussed in that article.
  • Bad (is/are) those waters with which I was cursed.

  • On them the water He piled up.

[Note: Shak capitalized "He" making reference to God.]


9. Terrorism: World Trade Center

The events of 9/11 happened less than two years after BCD began publishing digests. Consequently, it became a topic for research and of great interest to our readers.
  • New York: They accompany the unfortunate who are stricken in it. The worshipers are gathering around God.

  • Heal New York, the monument of the island.

  • Anthrax turns their blood thin. I am full of joy and abundant reward. Life is dimming.

10. Terrorism: Saddam Hussein
  • You will crush the guilty Saddam and the month of Eyar will be restful.

  • My heart, Hussein, has elevated again.

  • Imagine a picture of terminal illness. The days of Saddam are over.

For further reading on these code, check out the Intriguing Names and Places in the 911 Codes article.

11. Terrorism: Osama Bin Laden

When BCD researched Osama bin Laden in 2001-2002, we could not have known that the search for him would take almost 10 years and would culminate in his death on May 2, 2011. Here are two of the Bin Laden codes that describe him as hiding, sleeping and dead:
  • He will wonder where the hiding Bin Laden is sleeping.

  • And Manasseh is casting a cloud on him, and we will pick up the dead Bin Laden.

To read more about Bin Laden codes, check out Recent Events Seem to Agree with Code Findings.

12. Terrorism: North Korea

At the writing of this article, Global Security Newswire reports (June 21, 2011):
    The foreign policy chiefs of the United States and South Korea are slated this week to discuss prospects for reviving the moribund six-nation talks on North Korean denuclearization. . . .

The following codes were found almost a decade ago. Note in the first one the words six and proliferation, as they would appear to directly reference the ongoing nuclear disarmament talks.
  • If she is a whore to the six, N. Korea is God's gift in proliferation.

  • Your total level of protection of N. Korea is that of a brother.

  • Woe, N. Korea, my protection has drowned and died.

These codes were presented in the Discovered 15 Months Before War Declared, Code Pinpoints Timing of Victory, Implies Current Unrest article.
  • N. Korea, exalt, rejoice, see that my creed is the truth. Here, their congregation is in her.

This and other Terrorism POV codes can be found in the Revisiting Viewpoints article.

13. Terrorism in Jerusalem

In March 2008, eight students were tragically killed and nine were wounded when a man began firing a gun in the Mercaz Harav yeshiva's library. Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., examined five findings of the name of the school for extensions, which in English means Center of the Rabbi. Out of the five, three resulted in extensions. Here were his findings.
  • He will strike the glory of the Center of the Rabbi.

  • Center of the Rabbi, watch into the gown of fire.

  • Center of the Rabbi: my daughter, the deceased from your nest has been exalted. He will strike the one who came with the living of many words who has lived.

Further reading on these codes can be found in the Jerusalem Terrorist Attack Codes article.


14. Politics: American: Republican/Democratic


There are a number of Republican POV codes, but here are two that fascinated us, because of their possible reference to John McCain's time as a prisoner of war.
  • J. McCain is humble in my shadow, a memorial of the corners of death�as a question.

  • J. McCain's prison has elevated him.

These and other Republican POV codes can be found in the Revisiting Viewpoints article.


Barack Obama burst on to the political scene and became the first African American to be President of the United States. Here are several Obama codes.
  • Barack Obama�you will be astonished!

  • His name is hot. He is there for him and for me�Barack Obama.

  • Being the thunder of the day, from his height Barack Obama enjoys challenging.

These and other Democratic POV codes can be found in the Revisiting Viewpoints article. For additional articles on American politics, visit A Post-Election Look at Pre-Election Code Findings

15. Politics: Israeli

296-Letter-Long Code

The longest code found to date by a BCD Researcher is the 296-Letter-Long Shimon Peres Code found by Moshe Aharon Shak. This code was first published in the January/February 2006 Digest. The extension of the two-word term will not be elected in both directions at the same low skip of eight sheds much light on Peres' long political career.

The translation for the above Hebrew is 30 sentences long and can be found in a table in the 296-Letter-Long Shimon Peres Code article.

For additional articles on Israeli politics and other topics, visit Moshe Aharon Shak's directory of articles.

To view the Top 10 in length to date, see Top 10 Codes.

16. Middle East: Gaza Operation

In December 2008, Israel Defense Forces launched a military campaign against the governing party of Gaza�Hamas. Here are a few of the codes found at that time:
  • God, I will direct him inside to the Gaza Operation as uplifting the heart.

  • Is the Gaza Operation a shock to those who rise against me?

  • The pasture of the Gaza Operation has served as a manna playground.

To read more on this topic, see the Gaza Operation article.


17. Economic Crisis

In recent years, the global economic crisis has been front-page news. Many of the codes BCD has found read like headlines themselves.
  • A credit crisis of my houses that will be numerous.

  • Destruction befits the financial market.

  • My plague is the interest rate.

  • The financial crisis will cease. The way of a humble friend in it will be favored.

To read more about this topic, see the The Global Economic Crisis: Codes Detail Numerous Causes and Effects article.


18. Climate Change

To date, BCD has only published part of our findings on this topic. We look forward to publishing the next installment on this topic soon.
  • They cheated, and the page was impoverished. Thus ended the earth warming.

  • A high climate is a sign and our guide, with whom we have over-extended the measure.

  • Global warming: What is the memorial to the blood and the disease?

  • The Lord has mercy, and indeed the warming of the earth will cease.

To read more about climate change codes, see the Climate Change: The Great Debate, Part I article.

Other Topics

19. Mel Gibson

In 2004, Mel Gibson became a topic of research for BCD, because of the release of his controversial film The Passion of the Christ, and in addition, Gibson became the topic of the second longest code, found to date, by researcher Moshe Aharon Shak. Initially, Shak discovered a 147-letter-long code about Gibson, but later, it was extended to 187-letters long.

  • The ones that made me, the mob, was blackened by me (one hundred are his Gods). The one who fixed outside, tell it right! Please cut off 60! Comes an honest, a wholehearted person to Gibson: "Guilty one! Are the nation and God a joke? Does a heap of ruins a place to permanently place water? No!" (That is) His line! It is their anger! The story of creation the guilty one will negate! He placed permanently, and he insulted from a record. Ah, you are in a heap of ruins. It is a beautiful hotel that is a heap of ruins (that is Kosher). Hashem: "Mel is rotten." It has to be said, "God is one." My God! Hashem is the one that kills. He killed; or, another interpretation: "because Hashem is God."

    Alert, he felt in me something horrible. A rounded end . . . what is in the rest of him? And he inherited film (cinema). In him is their anger, at the time he loved me.

For additional reading on Mel Gibson codes, visit our Mel Gibson links page.

20. Diseases: Swine Flu, World Plague

On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization upgraded the Swine Flu alert status from epidemic to pandemic, and BCD began researching the topic. What was fascinating about this find was that a 666 code crossed the Swine Flu code at the word prince, which we interpreted as the prince of darkness.
  • The prince loved the vapor of the Swine Flu.

  • For the sake of glory he intertwined his joy with 666.

In addition to Swine Flu, BCD has researched World Plague:
  • The pain of the world plague is God's reproach.

  • Wretched one, the world plague will have the city expire. God will bring an end.

Closing Remarks

As we send out BCD's 100th digest, it seemed fitting to attempt a review of some of the topics we've covered in the last 11-plus years. BCD has not shied away from researching controversial topics such as religion, politics and climate change, and heart-wrenching topics like natural disasters, terrorism and the economic crisis. The resulting codes have been sometimes direct and illuminating, sometimes poetic, and sometimes downright mysterious.

We have not made this journey alone. Many thanks to our subscribers and supporters for your assistance in making this work possible.

Enjoy finding your own Bible codes.
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