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Highly Significant Buddha Codes Found in Isaiah 40-46
After completing our searches for extensions to Yeshua ELSs found in the "Who is Like God?" verses of Isaiah 40-46, it occurred to us that it would be interesting to also search for extensions to Buddha ELSs in these same verses. And, while at it, we also searched for extensions to Muhammad and Moses ELSs in those same verses.

Round Two: Highly Significant Buddha Codes Found in Isaiah 40-46
We explore more significant Buddha codes found in Isaiah 40-46.

Dramatic Buddhist Codes Discovered
The number and quality of the previous Buddha findings published in the digest prompted us to search for the terms Buddhism and Buddhist as well.

108-Letter-Long Buddhist Code Wraps Around the Tanakh Nine Times
A 108-letter-long extended code that makes clear sense to Buddhists, and it wraps around the entire Tanakh a record 9.03 times. Because of the presence of several highly improbable features, this code defies chance as a rational explanation.

Inherent Tensions Between Buddhism and Christianity
We began by looking for occurrences of Siddhartha as a Bible code and found two instances. The one with the shortest skip (-4,543) also included Jesus in the extended code. But not only that, the code had a profound message—Buddhism and Christianity conflict with one another in some ways.

Buddha and Christ: Similarities and Contrasts
A number of recent books have proposed the idea that Buddha and Christ are brothers in spirit. On a spiritual level are Jesus and Buddha quite similar? In this article, we will look at this question broadly, covering the areas of moral behavior, spirituality, beliefs about the nature of reality and of God, the illusion/reality of sin and evil, and the degree to which variations from their teachings could be acceptable.

Frequently Asked Questions: Buddhism and Christianity
In a continuation of the article Buddha and Christ: Similarities and Contrasts that appeared in our last digest, we answer frequently asked questions about Buddhism and Christianity.

Buddhist Codes Continue to Astonish
In our continuing efforts to research Buddha and Buddhism in the codes, using terms such as Dalai Lama, Siddhartha, and The Buddha, we have a diverse collection of codes to present that continue to astonish in content and location.

Buddha Codes in Ecclesiastes and Proverbs
In our continuing research on Buddha in the Bible Codes, we were prompted by Buddha's proverbs, which remind us of Solomon's writings, to look for Buddha in Ecclesiastes 1-7, 11, and Proverbs 1-29. The number of search terms where an extension was found was exceptionally high, and their content was particularly relevant.

Controversial Buddha Codes
Bible codes and controversy are inextricably linked, and finding Buddhist codes in the Bible is, without a doubt, controversial. Presented are a few of the most fascinating Buddhist codes we have found in the last six years.

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