July 2024 Survey Results

Many thanks to all of you who participated in our recent survey. Our survey went out to 9,755 subscribers. In our first question, we asked participants to note their top three areas of interest. The following are listed in order of most interested.

Respondent's comments of interest included the following:

  1. Whatever is most statistically impressive.
  2. Greater emphasis on the overwhelming combinatorial statistical strength of these codes vs. any other document in history. That sort of thing is serious proof, even to hardened intellectuals. Is. 29:24 comes to mind. ["These also who erred in spirit will come to understanding, and those who complained will learn doctrine." (NKJV)]
  3. Coded proofs of historical characters; Soyuz/Apollo Astronauts, etc.
  4. Unusual events, such as inventions, economic events, surprising discoveries.
  5. Personal names.
  6. 13 Sept 2024, 29 Elul, Shmita, economic crisis.
  7. Metaphysics, quantum physics.
  8. Israel and Jerusalem: Especially with respect to [the] future with other nations. I am aware that America (and all other nations) must fail so that God alone may be seen as the protector of Israel's Remnant. . . .
  9. Prophecy related to Second Coming of Jesus Christ, or Parous, or How Bride Should Make Herself Ready.
  10. The US was . . . "not seen in the End Time Prophecies of the Bible." I would be interested in Bible Codes showing details of the future of US and other nations. . . .
  11. The anti-christ.
  12. Other: Any codes in the Aramaic version of Revelation. CERN and the Large Hadron Collider LHC.
  13. Please show people how to do personal name slides.
  14. Extra-terrestrial worlds/life.

Respondent's answers to the next two questions by and large agreed with BCD's own opinions.

Our second question was whether our readers believe that some codes are real, not real, or if they are uncertain as to whether they are real.

Our third question was about who our subscribers believe encoded the Bible codes.

Our fourth question was whether our subscribers believe that the codes provide reliable predictions of future events.

These results indicate that respondents generally disagreed with BCD's views on this important matter.

Respondent's comments included:

  1. Future No: Unless enlightened by the Spirit and directed to a passage, I do not think that you can use these predictively. Rather, I believe they are provided as "proofs" of both the origin and veracity of the Scriptures, especially for this time of great naysaying and falling away from the Truth. I think of Yakov's explanation of how years and years before his death the Lord directed him where to look and how to start. Blessed and amazing story.
  2. Future Yes: I believe Bible codes contain future events in order to prove that God knows all things before they happen; but I don't believe Bible codes can be used like a 'medium uses a crystal ball.'
  3. Future Yes: Although I'm uncertain as to how . . . I don't think the Bible code can predict things God has already said ARE NOT for us to know things like the second coming of Jesus but God did also say he would do nothing in the earth without telling his man so could the Bible Code be used for certain non-supernatural events? Who can say? I certainly cannot I've been trying to learn Hebrew for over ten years and still haven't managed to do so. So I really like the stuff you guys put out. Keep up the great work.
  4. Future Uncertain: (note: I, along with a friend, unsuccessfully tried to use Bible code software to predict a few different events).
  5. Future Yes: The codes predict variables which indeed show that God is in charge.


Many thanks to everyone who responded. We were not surprised by the general outcome of the survey with the exception of the last question regarding whether or not the codes can foretell or predict the future. In this matter, BCD has been going against the tide for many years. Michael Drosnin's book, The Bible Code, set forth the notion that the codes could predict the future. Our survey results would indicate that this is still the general consensus among those who believe that codes exist and are a significant phenomena.

After 15 years of research, that is not the opinion of BCD. Our stance is that the codes should not be used to foretell the future. Often when we find a code, we do not completely understand it until the event takes place. Or we don't even search for something until it happens, then we find the code.

As we noted in our February 2024 Digest: "God reserves the future for Himself because He desires mankind to trust Him concerning the unknown. In the law given to Moses, the Lord was tough on false prophets who attempted to foretell coming events or to 'speak presumptuously' without His guidance. They were to be put to death. (Deuteronomy 18:20) Likewise, people who used false prophecy to lead people away from trust in Jehovah were to die. (Deuteronomy 13:5) Mediums, or diviners of secret things, were also condemned to death by the Lord. (Leviticus 20:27)"

We would encourage you not to view the codes as a way to foretell the future, but as a sign of God's authorship of the Bible.

Enjoy finding your own Bible codes.
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