What No Code Skeptic Can Find

  • "Who is Like God?" Codes in Isaiah 4046

  • This page provides links to a series of articles about BCD's findings in Isaiah 40-46.

  • Remarkable Psalm 22 Cluster Grows

  • The already remarkable Psalm 22 cluster continues to grow with the addition of 15 lengthy ELSs.

  • Is Jesus the Messiah?

  • Could Bible codes possibly add anything definitive to the two-millennia-long controversy over Christian claims that Jesus of Nazareth was/is the Messiah of the Jews? We explore a rich host of clues from the codes.

  • A Guide to Navigating Around Bible Code DNA

  • In this article, we explain a numbering and labeling system which will be used in the "Did the Old Testament Have Just One Author?" article.

  • Did the Old Testament Have Just One Author?

  • In this article, we look at a sprawling, mind-boggling mega-structure of codes (much like DNA) contained in an inconceivably small set of Hebrew letters that threads its way throughout the entire Old Testament.

  • Closeness Comparisons: A Substantive Basis for Testing the Claimed Reality of Bible Codes

  • Compelling evidence of the link between the subject matter of the literal text and the content of codes found there.

  • Precipitating a Moment of Truth

  • Is there validity to the alleged phenomenon of Bible codes, or not? In the last two months, BCD again submitted this question to extensive testing. The results: Without a doubt, the phenomenon is real.

  • Several Lengthy Nested Codes

  • There are some code phenomena that are so extensive and complex that no code skeptic could possibly find comparable examples from any non-encoded text. They are not to be found, because they don't exist. This article elaborates on the utter complexity of the set of five lengthy nested codes about Mel Gibson that were previously posted in the May 2024 issue of BCD and that presaged Gibson's DUI incident during the summer of 2024.

  • The 296-Letter-Long Shimon Peres Code

  • The 30 sentences that make up this incredibly long code are an extension of a previously discovered two-word term. The extensions are in both directions at the same low skip of eight and shed much light on Peres' long political career.

  • Compelling Stand-Alone Evidence that the Torah is Encoded

  • How long would a code need to be for it to serve as sufficient evidence, all on its own, that the Torah is encoded? We show in this article that any code 224 letters long, or longer, would qualify as sufficient evidence.

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