The Bottom Line Message of the Codes: Study the Bible

The Benefits of Studying the Bible

The reality of the phenomenon of Bible codes underscores the divine origin of the Bible. Given that, we review the benefits of studying the Bible.

1. Guidance
What use do Bible codes have unless they predict the future? BCD explores the real purpose and value of Bible codes.

2. Wisdom
Incline your ear to wisdom and apply your heart to understanding. (Proverbs 2:2, NKJV)

3. Blessings
The choices we make in our life about our relationship with God, with God's Word, and with others will have consequences in our lives.

4. Being Strengthened
We have visions of our favorite athlete competing on the field, or perhaps a muscle-bound movie star fighting "the bad guy," but there are many other forms of strength.

5. Knowing That Your Troubles Have a Good Purpose
The better our understanding of God, the more we know that His purposes are good and that He is our refuge and deliverer.

6. Confidence about Security
Security means having confidence in God's ability to watch over and protect us.

7. Peace and Assurance
Loving God's law, delighting in His Word, meditating on Scripture and letting it instill in us its meaning, this brings great peace and assurance into our lives.

8. Receive God's Unfailing Love and Salvation
As we study and meditate on God's Word, we grow in our understanding and trust of God's character and are able to depend on and receive His unfailing love and salvation.

9. Be Liberated from the Burdens of Sin and Personal Obsessions
Through a study of the contrast between the lives of Cain and King David, we find that studying and knowing God's Word provides the benefit of being liberated from the burdens of sin and personal obsessions.

10. Joy
In the final article of this series on the benefits of studying the Bible, we look at the benefit of joy.

What This Means for You

If you believe codes affirm the Bible, what would that mean for you? In these articles, we begin to explore some answers.

You Are Not an Accident
The Bible has much to say about the origin and meaning of life that conflicts with the assumptions of many scientists.

There Is an Afterlife
With the enormous loss of life in South Asia weighing on all our minds, BCD takes a look at what the Old Testament says about the afterlife.

Your Good Works Cannot Save You. Only God Can.
Bible codes affirm God's authorship of a book that conflicts with many popular beliefs. So, we look at the question of whether your good works can save you.

Bible Codes: A Sign of the End Times?
Is the discovery of substantive Bible codes a telling sign that we are living in the End Times? BCD's Director Ed Sherman explores this topic.

Bottom Line Internet Resources
In our series entitled The Bottom Line Message of the Codes: Study the Bible, we presented 10 benefits of studying the Bible. In this article, we will present links and information on free website tools to help you in your studies.

Enjoy finding your own Bible codes.
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