Hebrew Links and Resources

The sites and resources listed below are provided for your convenience. We hope they will assist you in your endeavors to learn Hebrew, to be able to read the Scriptures in Hebrew, and if you so desire, to improve your skills in code research.

Learning Hebrew

Hebrew Alef-Bet
This page lists the letters of the Hebrew alef-bet, the letter name, and the sound of the letters in English.

Hebrew Alphabet
Lesson One: Many of our readers are interested in learning to use Bible code software, but are intimidated by the difficulty of learning the Hebrew alphabet at the same time as they have to learn new words in Hebrew. The BCD approach tries to use (whenever possible) Hebrew words that most people already know in learning the Hebrew alphabet.

Exercise One: Practice the letters and words you learned in Lesson One.

Lesson Two: In Lesson Two, we learn five more letters and words such as faithful, father, son, and even some short phrases.

Exercise Two: Practice the letters and words you learned in Lesson Two, as well as review the letters learned in Lesson One.

Lesson Three: In Lesson Three, we introduce four more Hebrew letters using words such as Peace, Sabbath, Rabbi, Jerusalem, and Jesus.

Exercise Three: Practice the letters and words you learned in Lesson Three.

Lesson Four: In Lesson Four, we introduce four more Hebrew letters using words and names such as Noah, Jacob, Pharoah, and Zachery.

Exercise Four: Practice the letters and words you learned in the first four lessons.

Lesson Five: In our continuing series on learning the Hebrew alphabet using words most people already know from Hebrew, we introduce the last four Hebrew letters using words and names such as Zion, Gabriel, Esther, and Satan.

Exercise Five: Review the words learned in the Lesson Five and learn many Hebrew names and their meanings.

Hebrew Vocabulary

Lesson One: Learn the 20 most common words in the Hebrew Old Testament.

Lesson Two: In the first lesson, we learned the 20 most common words in the Hebrew Old Testament (Tanakh). In this lesson, learn the next 20 most common words.

Lesson Three: Learn 20 more common words.

Praise and Worship: As part of our series on Hebrew vocabulary, we now turn to words used in praise and worship.

Praise and Worship with the Names of God, Part I In this article, we will take praise and worship phrases and practice using them with some of the Names of God.

Praise and Worship with the Names of God, Part II More praise and worship phrases using some of the Names of God.

The Hebrew Language
The Hebrew Language website is a large compilation of free online resources to assist in learning Hebrew. The site has 16 categories of useful links including Alphabet, Biblical, Dictionaries, Fonts, Forums, Games, Names, News/Blogs, Reading, Songs, Texts, TV/Radio, Tutorials, Ulpan, Vocabulary, and Writing.

Hebrew Resources from ClickInks.com
This page has links to a variety of resources for learning Hebrew including: Vocabulary Lessons, Hebrew Language History, Hebrew For Rabbinical Students, an Aramaic Lexicon, and the Septuagint.

Learn Hebrew with Pictures and Audio
Learn Hebrew with Pictures and Audio is a free, online, educational resource to learn Hebrew words in a fun way. The site has 425 words and photographs ranging from fruit and vegetables to household items. Each Hebrew word is presented as an image with nikud [vowels]. There is an English transliteration and translation for each word and the Hebrew audio track provides you with the correct pronunciation of each word.

My English Hebrew Dictionary
My English Hebrew Dictionary is a free on-line educational site, which can assist with learning Hebrew vocabulary in an easy manner. Each Hebrew word has vowel markings, as well as an English transliteration. The Hebrew words are displayed as graphics. This means you don't need special fonts to view them. The dictionary is organized by subject, ranging from animals to weather. The site includes 150+ printable study sheets. There will be additional subjects added in the near future.

Fifty-Two flashcards collect all Biblical Hebrew alphabets including consonants and vowels. One side displays a letter, the other side displays its English name, name in Hebrew, sound in IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), pronunciation, numerical value, as well as its stroke-order. This item includes a sheet of Hebrew Alphabet chart.

Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio
Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio is a free, online, educational resource to learn Hebrew phrases in a fun way. A "flash card" displays with the Hebrew, transliteration and English, while you hear the Hebrew spoken. There are 54 topics with 1,211 Hebrew phrases and sentences. In addition to the online audio flash, the site includes 152 printable study sheets. This site is very easy to use.

Learn Hebrew Verbs
Learn Hebrew Verbs is a free, online educational resource containing 300 Hebrew verbs conjugated in all tenses (past, present, future, imperative). The site menu provides selection by one tense or all tenses; gender or both genders; singular and/or plural. For your convenience, you can choose a Hebrew or English menu to navigate the site. The site is unique because you do not need Hebrew fonts to display the Hebrew words.

English Hebrew Dictionary by Subject
This site is one of the top free, online educational resources to help students improve their Hebrew vocabulary. The site features free online English/Hebrew flashcards organized by topics, which studies show is one of the best ways to learn and memorize words. The site also has articles on some of the most searched for topics related to learning Hebrew/English.

Hebrew Names of God
In response to frequent questions from our readers about the Hebrew Names of God, we are pleased to provide a list of 26 of the most prominent Names of God.

Hebrew4Christians.com is a site designed for Christians who want to learn the language of the Kingdom. This site has audio.

Rosetta Stone: Free Demo

The Hebrew language program by Rosetta Stone is recommend by Dr. Nathan Jacobi, one of our Hebrew experts, as a wonderful way to learn the language.

"Are You at a Disadvantage Without Formal Language Training? Research has already demonstrably proven the many benefits of language learning to young children: improved cognitive abilities, math and language arts scores, and even science hypothesizing skills. High school students who study language score better on the ACT and SAT, and they go on to perform better academically in college than their peers. What you may not know is that adult learners can also gain from multiple-language instruction, even if their days of formal, classroom-based education are far behind them. Studies have shown bilingual adults succumb to memory loss and dementia slower than monolingual people. Even if the adult never becomes fluent, the mental exercise required in language learning is enough to produce positive results. Scientists from the University of Kentucky also found bilingual adults are able to take the lessons they've learned in tackling a new language and apply them to other areas of their lives."

Learn-Hebrew-Bible.com has a variety of CD's and software programs on topics including: The Talmud, Hebrew language packages, and the Bible. They also have traditional Jewish music CDs, and special products like Horeb (the Jewish laws book), Passover survival kits, Phonetic Translators (Hebrew and English), Jewish prayers, and more.

The Bible Land Shop: Hebrew Study Aids
The Bible Land Shop is the Internet outlet of Doko Media Ltd., producers, publishers, and distributors of DVD's and videos, music CDs and cassettes, CD ROMs and computer software, books and other products from the Bible Land since 1980. Based in the Holy Land itself, Doko Media's online shop has been operating since 1997.

The Language Chronicle has one simple mission: To serve as the ultimate source for information on foreign languages and how to learn them. As students of foreign languages and fans of foreign culture and travel, they understand the challenges, joys, and struggles in learning a foreign language. They provide free foreign language resources, links, product reviews, recommendations, free courses, and more.

Sites for Children or Beginners

Though these sites are designed for children, they can be very helpful for adults beginning to learn Hebrew as well. They provide a great way to learn the alef-bet and a beginning vocabulary.

The Jewish Children's Learning Network developed this web site as a resource for children, parents and educators.

Another site for teaching children Hebrew. This site is sponsored by Menachim Shimanowitz, of HI-TECH Computers, Inc., a partner in TorahTots.com.

The Bible in Hebrew

The Mechon-Mamre.org site has a Hebrew-English Bible (Tanakh only) according to the Masoretic text and the JPS 1917 Edition. This site has MP3 recordings of the text.

The Dvar-Adonai.org site, sponsored by the Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures, has the New Testament in Hebrew. They will have the Tanakh online soon. The Hebrew New Testament was translated by Isaac Salkinson and Christian David Ginsburg in 1887. Edited to correspond with the Greek Textus Receptus by Rev. Dr. Eric Gabe, 2024.

The BlueLetterBible.org site is a free site, with extensive study aides. The site allows you to select a scripture in the Old Testament, then click on the letter C on the left side and it brings up the Hebrew for that text, as well as the root for each of the words in Hebrew. You may also select a chapter or chapters and view the entire passage in Hebrew. The same function exists for the New Testament, which brings up the Greek text. Their mission is to facilitate in-depth study of God's Word through an online interactive reference library continuously updated from the teachings and commentaries of selected pastors and teachers who hold to the conservative, historical Christian faith.

The New Testament in Hebrew
This site, sponsored by the Internet Christian Library, has the New Testament in Hebrew only.

Bible Resources
Through an alliance of over 140 Bible Societies around the world, Bible Society's mission is to help people everywhere engage with the Bible's message. Note: The pricing at this bookstore is in British currency.
  • Hebrew (Ancient)
  • Hebrew (Modern)
  • English Bibles

Comparing the Order of Books
The order of books in the Hebrew Tanakh and Christian Old Testament are somewhat different. The first seven books are the same, but after Judges the order changes.

The Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament
Rev. Glenn David Bauscher is a pastor and former high school teacher with a proficiency in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. He has been preaching and teaching the Bible since 1976 in several churches in the U.S. The Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament contains all twenty-seven books from Matthew to Revelation. Included are many notes demonstrating how the Greek New Testament got its readings from The Aramaic of The Peshitta, with illustrations and word comparisons in three different Aramaic scripts and two Greek scripts. This book contains a literal, word-for-word Aramaic-English translation. The Aramaic text is identical to that of the 1979 United Bible Society Syriac Bible, based on the critical editions of Gwilliam, Pusey and John Gwynn (1920 British and Foreign Bible Society). The book is 768 pages in a 10 point font, with color photos, graphics and lettering.

For more information, visit Rev. Bauscher's site, or just click the Lulu button below to purchase these books from Lulu.com.

The Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament Hardcover in Color $149.56

The Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament Hardcover in Black and White $49.98

The Aramaic-English Interlinear Psalms and Proverbs
Rev. Bauscher has recently published three new translations of the Aramaic Peshitta Old Testament:
  • The First Century Aramaic English Interlinear Bible: The Psalms ($19.95)
  • The First Century Aramaic English Interlinear Bible: Proverbs ($14.99)
  • The First Century Aramaic Bible in Plain English: Proverbs ($10.49)

There are several sizes and hardback editions of each at various prices.

He has also combined Psalms and Proverbs Aramaic English Interlinears into one paperback book, 173 pages, for $19.99.

E-books are also available to download, from $2.99 to $4.99.

All eight of his books are available on a CD (over 2,100 pages of material) for $19.99, and the Interlinears and Divine Contact on CD are in color.

For more information or to purchase the books, visit Aramaicnt.com.

For a Limited Time � The Interlinear Bible

We only have 2 copies of the Hebrew-Greek-English Interlinear Bible left in stock. This beautifully bound book published by Sovereign Grace Publishers is a wonderful aide for anyone who studies the Scriptures. With it you will find Hebrew phrases and words easily, enhance your Bible study, and improve your code research.

The Interlinear Bible presents the Old Testament word-by-word in biblical Hebrew with the English words and phrases below, and the New Testament in English and Greek.

We are offering it for a suggested donation of $79.99, plus shipping and handling.

The shipping and handling costs are $10 for shipment in the U.S. For a quote on overseas shipping costs, please e-mail:

Send a check or money order, with a note specifying the Interlinear Bible, to:
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