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Readers of Bible Code Digest frequently write in with questions about the various Bible code software programs. In this article, we will discuss some of the basics about the three programs that we offer in our online store—The Keys to the Bible (Keys), Bible Codes 2024 (BC2000), and CodeFinder: Millennium Edition.

What are the basic computer requirements necessary to run the programs?

The Keys to the Bible

  • Runs on PCs with Windows 95, through Vista and Windows 10

  • Minimum of 16 MB of RAM

  • Hard disk with at least 100 MB of available disk space

  • CD Drive

  • VGA or higher resolution monitor

  • Minimum Screen Resolution of 800*600

  • Mouse

  • Bible Codes 2024

  • Runs on PCs with Windows 95, through Vista and Windows 7

  • Minimum of 8 MB of RAM

  • Hard disk with at least 22 MB of available disk space

  • CD Drive

  • VGA or higher resolution monitor

  • Minimum Screen Resolution of 800*600

  • Mouse

  • CodeFinder: Millennium Edition

  • New Version 1.23, October 2024

  • Runs on PCs with Windows 98 through Vista and Windows 7-8 (32 & 64 bit)

  • Minimum 16 MB of free RAM after Windows is running

  • Hard disk with at least 20 MB of available disk space

  • Minimum Screen Resolution of 800*600

  • Will the software run on my Apple Macintosh computer?

    All three programs can be run on Macs that have VirtualPC Windows edition software (not the DOS version) on them. A minimum of 64 MB of ram is required, though 128 MB or more is better.

    Do I have to know Hebrew, or may I search the codes in English?

    To use any of the programs, some knowledge of Hebrew is very helpful, because the searches are done in Hebrew.

    The Keys to the Bible and Bible Codes 2024 programs make it easy to search for words in Hebrew. On the search codes screen, there is an English/Hebrew Dictionary button (the Dictionary button is on the right-hand side). You can search for the word you want in English. Then, double-click on it. The word you wanted will then appear in Hebrew in the search window. So, if you want to search for temple, go to temple in the dictionary, double-click on it, and the word temple written in Hebrew will appear on the search screen. If any codes are found, a list will be generated of where each letter of each code crosses through the Bible, and a matrix of the code can be generated as well. The matrix will be in Hebrew, though. So, again, it is helpful to know some Hebrew.

    CodeFinder allows for practice searches in English, but not valid code research in English.

    Which program is easiest to use?

    All three programs are easy to use. At Isaac Newton Bible Code Research Society, we lean toward using Keys and BC2000 for our searches. So, if you are interested in double-checking or replicating the searches we present in the Bible Code Digest or on our site, either of these programs would work for you. But, we have many happy customers who use CodeFinder. The choice is up to you.

    Which program is the most affordable?

    The prices range from approximately $60 to $80 (including shipping) as of November 2024, with BC2000 as the most affordable and Keys as the most expensive. CodeFinder, since it is e-mailed to you as a download, does not have any shipping charges.

    Which program is the newest?

    The Keys to the Bible is the newest software program that we offer. It was released in December 2024.

    After I buy a program, will there be a cost to receive updates?

    For Keys and BC2000, there is a cost for the updates. For CodeFinder, updates to new versions are a free download for the owners of the program.

    What if, worst-case scenario, my computer crashes and my download backup or my program CD gets ruined? Is it possible to receive a replacement?

    For Keys and BC2000, if Computronic Corp. can verify your original purchase, they will replace your CD for a $20 fee (as of Sept. 2024, fees subject to change by Computronic Corp.).

    For CodeFinder: if your original purchase can be verified, you will receive a replacement download.

    Which program has the most accurate Hebrew text?

    The Hebrew Old Testament (Tanakh) used in Keys and BC2000 is the latest version from the Koren researchers in Jerusalem. It varies 14 letters from the text in the printed version of The Jerusalem Bible. CodeFinder uses the text from the printed version of The Jerusalem Bible.

    Therefore, if you are trying to replicate a search done in Keys or BC2000 in CodeFinder and it happens to pass through those 14 letters, you will not be able to replicate the findings from the Keys or BC2000 search.

    What extra features do the programs have?

    The Keys to the Bible
    (All of the BC2000 features below, plus these new features)

    • Gematria Options (the study of the substitution of numbers for Hebrew letters)
    • Chronology of Bible Events
    • Bible Festivals
    • Rashi Commentary of the Torah in Hebrew and English
    • 613 Commandments
    • Weekly Parasha and Haftarah (Sephardi and Ashkenazi) readings

    Bible Codes 2024

    • Hebrew and English Concordances
    • English/Hebrew and Hebrew/English Dictionary
    • Lexicon Database
    • Biblical Names and First Names Dictionaries
    • Statistics Reports
    • Go-to and Get search functions
    • Find Hebrew word/phrase
    • Clipboard function (for copying to a word processor)
    • Gregorian calendar date to Hebrew calendar conversion function
    • Anagram Search

    CodeFinder: Millennium Edition

    • Statistics
    • Expected Occurrences
    • English KJV Old and New Testaments for practice searches in English
    • Moby Dick in English for practice searches in English
    • Electronically randomized Torah for control searches
    • War and Peace in Hebrew for control searches
    • Extensive Gregorian calendar date to Hebrew calendar conversion function
    • Numbers to Hebrew letters conversion function
    • New Rotenberg R-value statistical calculation function

    Which program is the fastest at finding the codes?

    According to research done by Roy A. Reinhold, CodeFinder is the fastest Bible code search program, with Keys and BC2000 coming in tied for second. For more information about his research, read his article Bible Code Software Comparisons where he compares eight Bible code software programs and gives the results of his findings.

    Enjoy finding your own Bible codes.
    Bible code search software is available in our online store.

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