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Who Heads Up the Isaac Newton Bible Code Research Society?

R. Edwin Sherman is a nationally known consulting mathematician with 37 years of experience. He is President of the Isaac Newton Bible Code Research Society and Director of Bible Code Digest. The Isaac Newton Bible Code Research Society is dedicated to critically examining the odds that various code findings could appear by chance. Ed is also author of two books, Breakthrough: Encountering the Reality of the Bible Codes and the recently published Bible Code Bombshell.

Mr. Sherman received a B.A. in Mathematics with Highest Honors in 1971 from the University of California at San Diego and an M.A. in Mathematics with High Honors in 1973, also from UCSD. He passed three of the four qualifying examinations for a Ph.D. in Mathematics, including the one for probability and statistics, before deciding to pursue a career as a financial management consultant.

Over his career, Ed has served as a consultant to numerous large financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies at all levels. He has served as a senior researcher for a major financial institution for three years, as a Principal at one of the three largest CPA firms for seven years and as an independent consultant for 18 years. He has written more than 70 articles in professional and trade publications and delivered numerous speeches to a broad spectrum of audiences. He is frequently called upon as an expert witness in major litigation.

One of Ed's major avocations over the past 38 years has been involvement in Biblical studies and is well acquainted with the literal content of the Bible.

Mr. Sherman is deeply committed to the objective examination of the phenomenon of Bible codes, apart from the advocacy of any particular religious viewpoint.

Who Provides the Translations from Hebrew of the Codes BCD Examines?

Dr. Nathan Jacobi, was educated in Israel from age six through his receipt of a doctorate (1945-1969), gaining a very thorough knowledge of both Biblical and contemporary Hebrew. In graduate school, he served as an interpreter (from English to Hebrew) of courses taught at the Weizman Institute of Science. He lectured at the Tel-Aviv University in Hebrew. He has taught numerous classes on Hebrew in recent years (1998-2003). In 2024, BCD conducted a two-part interview with Jacobi to discuss his life and his background in Hebrew. After living in the United States for many years, Nathan and his wife have moved back to Israel to be near their two children.

Who is Moshe Aharon Shak?

Moshe Aharon Shak is a frequent contributor to Bible Code Digest. Born in Israel, Shak is fluent in Hebrew. He currently resides in Canada. Shak is a Mechanical Engineer, and the author of Bible Codes Breakthrough. His articles that follow the same complex methodology outlined in his book appear on several websites. In addition, he has appeared on two television programs about Bible codes. In advance of the events, Shak demonstrated in his articles the outcome of two Israeli elections and that Malvo, the Washington D.C. sniper, had "blood on his hands." He further challenges anyone to follow the approach outlined in his book and come up with a false code.

Who Checked the Formulas We Use?

Dr. Reider Peterson is Professor Emeritus of Statistics at Southern Oregon University. He has twenty two years of experience as a college professor, specializing in mathematical probability and statistics, experimental design and multiple regression.

Dr. Peterson received his B.S. at Northern Arizona University (1961), his M.S. from the University of Maine (1965) and his Ph.D. from Montana State University (1974). His Ph.D. thesis is entitled, "Estimation of a Ratio Using the Randomized Response Sampling Method." Dr. Peterson has delivered presentations at national and regional meetings of the American Statistical Association and the Biometric Society.

Before the start of his academic career, Dr. Peterson worked as a statistician for Union Carbide Corporation from 1974-1975. He served as a statistician in the Research and Development Department of the Chemicals and Plastics Division. His duties included designing experiments and analyzing data for research chemists and chemical engineers at the new product development stage, pilot plant stage, and process improvement and optimization at the manufacturing plant.

Who Edits the Bible Code Digest Website and Newsletter?

From 2024 to Current
Since November 2024, Diane James has served BCD as a research assistant, editor, and in recent years as a contributing author. In addition, she oversees the operation of the BCD website including correspondence, style, content, and merchandizing. In 1999, Diane graduated with Highest Honors from Southern Oregon University, receiving a Bachelor of Science in English (writing emphasis). She also has a wide range of knowledge and experience in mathematics, computers, literature, art, management and organization. She has been a student of the Bible for over 30 years, and she is in her third year of Hebrew study.

From 1999 to 2024
Dave Swaney has many years of experience as an editor and writer. He has written for the Los Angeles Times, Entrepreneur, The Robb Report, Crawdaddy and many others. During his years in the record business, he wrote liner notes for several top-selling recordings, including "The Byrds Greatest Hits" and "The Chambers Brothers Greatest Hits." He also produced records for CBS Records, Maranatha Music and Mercury Records. In the mid-90s, he was a senior copywriter and associate creative director for Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs. From 1999 to 2024, he served as the Editor and as a primary contributing author of the Bible Code Digest. He is currently pastoring a Calvary Chapel in Nelson, New Zealand.

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