Bible Codes Made Simple

What is a Bible Code?
  • Bible Codes are equidistant letter sequences, or ELSs, that appear in the ancient Hebrew text of the book we know as the Bible.

  • It was the advent of the personal computer, like the one you are sitting at now, along with the development of software to find these hidden ELSs, that caused the explosion of interest in Bible codes.

Typical ELS
  • What does a typical ELS look like? Well, suppose we start with the sentence, "All of our avenues are wide." To locate an ELS in a sentence like this, we eliminate the spaces and look for words that could be formed from letters that are equally spaced within the string of letters that form the sentence.

  • If we start with the second letter (L) and then eliminate, or skip, three letters to pick up the next letter of the code (O), and so forth, we will find the word LOVE within the string. Like this:


    LOVE is an equidistant letter sequence (ELS). Such codes can have a skip of any length and can either be forward or backward.

Torah Codes
  • The first ELSs discovered were found in the Torah, the first five book of the Hebrew Bible, which were ostensibly written by Moses, the prophet who led his people out of Egypt.

  • More than 50 years ago, a Jewish rabbi (H.M.D. Weissmandel) noted that if you start with a T (tav) in the first verse of the book of Genesis, skip 50 letters, pick up a V (vav), skip another 50 letters, pick up an R (resh), skip another 50 letters, and pick up an H (heh), you have TVRH, or Torah as it is spelled in Hebrew.

  • Now this occurs not only in the first book of the Torah, but also in the first verses of the books of Exodus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. In each case there is also a skip of exactly 50 letters.

  • We searched for Yeshua (Jesus) was my name and found one instance in Isaiah 53, at a skip of -20.

  • We then looked at the letters above and below the terms for extensions. We first noticed that the adjective mighty appeared next to name. So we had the code, Yeshua (Jesus) was my mighty name.

Phrases Found
  • Additional phrases were found. The seven letters above spelled and the clouds rejoiced and the six letters below spelled out gushing from above.

Lengthy Code
  • The final code read, Gushing from above, Yeshua was my mighty name, and the clouds rejoiced.

Explosion of Codes
  • What began as the discovery of single word finds has exploded into finding hundreds of lengthy multi-word and multi-sentence codes.

  • Bible Codes Made Simple (4:19)

Enjoy finding your own Bible codes.
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