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As reported on by Heather Wokusch:
    As had been threatened, North Korea's Kim Jong-Il reportedly conducted an underground nuclear test yesterday [October 8, 2006], a move which promotes a global nuclear arms race and nullifies non-proliferation agreements.

This escalation in North Korea's nuclear abilities has triggered world-wide concern and prompted many of our visitors to e-mail asking BCD to search for North Korea in the codes. Here are the codes that have been found to date.

Our first observation upon looking at these codes as a group is that their skip lengths are rather long. We generally consider shorter skip lengths to have more significance. But, in spite of their length we consider them quite coherent.

Our second observation is, as we noted in our Do Longer Codes Express Viewpoints? article, that some of these codes could be from a terrorist point of view. Perhaps most alarming is the second code, which speaks of proliferation. Proliferation is a word closely associated with the arms race.

In 2003, our thoughts on this code, a year after it was discovered, only echo the concerns of the world community today:
    This ELS did not make a lot of sense when we first discovered it over a year ago, but with the revelation that this dictatorship has nuclear ambitions it begins to come into focus. And why are they rattling their sabers so loudly right now?

And the sabers just get louder . . .

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